The living habits of king cobra snake

King cobra snake like to live alone.Predation during the day , hidden in crevices or tree cave to rest at night.It is not only very fierce,injection venom or bite fight for food, but also the world’s largest teeth of a sulcus poisonous snakes.The reason why famous king cobra snake, because it is the staple food of snakes, including the Golden Circle snakes, coral snakes, cobras and other poisonous snakes, also prey mice, lizards and small birds.

King cobra snake live in the plains to the mountains of trees, often near streams in the mountains there, near the forest villages are found from time to time. Usually hidden in crevices or tree holes, and sometimes can climb trees, often entangled in the branches after the half-length, front half hanging sagging or carriage. Both day and night activities.

King cobra snake live in the woods, sometimes in streams near trees or on the day activities, hi in the shade habitat, lizards, frogs, rats, snakes, etc., was extremely violent, enraged when put up before the bust, neck swelling for sound, attack and other animals.

King cobra habitat in the coastal lowlands to more than 1,800 meters above sea level in the mountains, more common in forest edges near water. Its main food is similar to the kind associated ─ ─ other snakes, so the king cobra’s territory, it is difficult to see other types of snakes, they either run away or become a king cobra’s belly thing.


The king cobra snake features

The king cobra snake distributed in the South Asia from South Africa to southeast Asia islands area. In its distribution range, the snake charmer using different kinds of snake love, the snake charmer will frighten snake, to take the body from the ground up the front of defensive posture. Snakes on the snake charmer action make swing reaction, also may be the music of the snake charmer response; The snake charmer know how to avoid the snake slower attack action, and may have the fangs remoal snake.
Fangs short, located in oral front and have a attached to its groove can secrete venom.The king cobra snake venom usually contain nerve poison, can destroy the nervous system by predators.The king cobra snake mainly with small vertebrates and other snakes for food.
Cobra venom killing prey on neurological. Neurological poison that can block neuromuscular transmission, therefore appear muscle paralysis and deadly.
Cobra (especially the larger species) bite can be deadly, depending on how much the amount of inject poison the nerve toxin, poison will affect breathing; Although serum resistance are effective, snake venom in but also must be bitten as soon as possible after injections. In south and southeast Asia, takes place every year thousands of up related deaths.
The king cobra snake Meng and aphids including grey with some raptor: direct chewed cobra, but the fighting head during Meng will bite the cobra Meng so faint, hours after autologous detoxification no matter to wake up, but a small fraction will also be cobra phagocytosis.
king cobra snake

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